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Danica Maier is an American born artist and academic currently living and working between Nottingham, Lincolnshire and beyond. Her practice focuses on the unrepeating repeat, material processes, transposition, conflating expectations, and how an audience looks/listens; as well as the dialogical nature of collaborative projects that foster independent artwork alongside wider group outcomes. Maier’s work uses drawing, site-specific installations, and objects to explore expectations while using subtle slippages to transgress propriety.

Further areas of enquiry include - an exploration of processes (making) through other mediums and the connection to transposition; historical objects re-interrupted and contemporarily re-created; intertextuality of artistic processes as well as within writing/words; words and pattern which sit on the intersection of language and visuals; autobiographical narratives explored through the lens of other sources and staring points; and a dialogical nature of collaborative projects which enable individual practice research to occur.


Danica has been a practising artist since 1995, with an international research profile involving exhibition, publication, performance and guest lecturing (see CV).  She started teaching at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) in 2005 and continues to work there part-time as an Associate Professor in Fine Art. From 2009 to 2019 Danica founded and ran the Summer Lodge (, a two-week artist residency held within NTU's Fine Art studios with a focus on practice rather than outcome. Previous posts include Goldsmiths College, London; University of Delaware, USA; London Printworks Trust, Brixton; and Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia. 

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