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Rightness of a Stopped Clock: 6/8/58  (2022)

Sabi Pas or, I don’t know  (2020)

Live/Work: 1888 - 1958 & 1973 - present  (2019/2020)

Petit Cut Mill  (2021)

Ghost Heirloom: Silverware Ring  (2021)

Silverware set of the artist’s father’s paternal grandmother Emilie Yates Walsh (1879-1963), monogrammed EYW; 1 new EYW silver fork to match original set; mould of a diamond ring; 2 cast rings using the silver from one of the original EYW forks (one ring is sited on Maier’s finger throughout the exhibition).


The original diamond ring was purchased second hand by the artist’s mother’s maternal grandmother (Betty Burgess, 1888 – 1981) and subsequently belonged to the artist’s maternal grandmother, followed by the artist’s mother. The ring has recently been given to the artist’s sister and one day will be passed on to one of the artist’s nieces. As part of this artwork, there have been two new rings created using the silver from the artists paternal family silverware - one for the artist which will be passed on to her son and the other will be bequeathed to the niece that does not inherit the original ring.


broche de Margarita Teresa: 1656 & 1656  (2019)

Spode assemblages as part of Topographies of the Obsolete (2013)

Cabinet Collection (2013) Spode assemblages  as part of Topographies of the Obsolete

Spode assemblages as part of Topographies of the Obsolete  (2013)

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